Rats and mice

The rat is the most feared of our rodents. Like the mouse, it can cause a great deal of damage to your surroundings (IT, phones and electrical installations).

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Behandling af rotter og mus koster kr. 770,- + moms (kr. 962,50,-) pr. besøg.

The rat can gnaw its way through any material

The rat can gnaw its way through any material that is softer than marble. However, the biggest problem with the rat is its urine, that can transmit various diseases to people and pets, including salmonella, hepatitis and the feared Weil’s Disease. When it comes to foodstuffs, you need to be extra attentive.

During mild winters and inside buildings, the rat can breed all year round, and on average, the female rat has 3-5 litters a year, of 12-15 young each.

What do you need to look out for if you suspect you may have an infestation of rats? Scratching noises, droppings, smell, destroyed food packaging, burrows and nests.

Rats are omnivorous

Rats often rummage around in the attics where they run around. Their droppings are small, dark and oblong – approx. 10-14 mm in length. They often smell like ammonia and the smell is particularly strong in enclosed spaces, such as underneath cabinets.

Rats are omnivorous. Thus, they can adapt and survive – even in extremely poor conditions. That is why rats will often reveal their presence through destroyed food packaging. Rats love building nests in your garden; often in compost heaps, under the shed or under garden coverings.

Rat control

You need to figure out where the rats have been able to enter your home and fix the problem. Often it is a case of a breach in the sewage system, and traps will be needed to catch the rats.

There are certain laws and regulations that need to be followed when it comes to rodent control. You need to be an authorised rat controller in order to undertake this type of work. All incidences of rats must be reported to the correct authorities, as the presence of rats in Denmark is closely monitored.

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Quick response when you need help

At Absolut Skadedyrsservice, we understand the importance of a quick response for our customers, both private individuals and businesses, when it comes to pest control. That’s why we prioritize fast response times for our services.

In case of sudden pest problems, we provide prompt pest control services. The specifics of the response are individually arranged and primarily cater to food-related businesses.


Of all of our rodents, the mouse is the most prevalent. Although most people are usually more afraid of rats, mice actually cause greater damage to their surroundings than rats do.

The mouse needs to gnaw constantly in order to wear down its front teeth, which grow throughout its whole life. Even though a mouse does not actually eat much in the way of solid foods, the damage can still be considerable, because they in fact destroy more than they eat.

In holiday homes, bed linen, curtains, furniture, woodwork, etc. can all be a target for the mouse, which uses the gnawed remnants of these to build their nests.

Serious diseases

Mice can also contaminate foods with their urine and droppings, which can cause serious diseases.

Wire attacked by mouse. Furthermore, gnawing at electrical installations can lead to short-circuiting and fires.

What do you need to look out for if you think have mice? Scratching noises, droppings, smell, damage to materials and nests.

Mice can often be heard on the attic, when they run around. Their droppings are small and dark. The droppings smell of ammonia and the smell is often particularly strong in enclosed spaces, such as under cabinets.

Mouse control

Mouse control can be done by putting out small deposits of poison outdoors along the skirting of the house, where the mouse will typically look for ways to get into the house. Exercise extreme caution when using poison to eradicate pests. Other animals and people must not be able to come into contact with this poison. Unfortunately, the accumulation of poisonous substances in our predators is becoming an ever-increasing problem. It is always best to try alternative methods first, when performing mouse control, such as traps.

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