The bedbug is said to originate from Asia and the bloodsucking tick has followed humans as long as we have existed.

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Væggelus - Cimex lectularius

It came to Denmark in the 17th century, when the Danes acquired well-heated houses that could offer a climate that was sufficiently warm and dry for the bed bug to thrive.

They had more or less become extinct in this country, until the increase in social interaction and travel activities, made the tick a common pest once more in this country.

Bedbugs can, for example, be brought home from overnight stays at hotels, hostels or from travelling abroad. Similarly, you also run the risk of risk bringing the bedbug into your home if you buy second-hand furniture or other items that have been stored in a property that has bedbugs.

Our process

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Treatment against bedbugs is done in three stages with approximately two weeks interval. For the treatment, a dry spray is applied to the underside of beds and sofas. Spray treatment is done along floor panels and other cracks and crevices.

The treatment is not dangerous for humans and pets. However, people and pets must not be present in the home during treatment and must stay out of the home for 20 minutes after the treatment is completed.

Treatment for bedbugs costs DKK 1590 + VAT (DKK 1987) per visit. Effective treatment always requires a minimum of 3 visits.

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Get a bedbug certificate

As a new service, we provide bedbug-free certificates. This means that we create a certificate which confirms that your home has no bedbug infestation. This certificate can be used when moving in or out, and it means that you have proof that your home is bedbug-free.

We can help you get rid of bedbugs.
Every weekday: 07:00 - 23:00.

Five quick questions about bedbugs

The body is usually swollen, red and about 5 mm in diameter.


Eggs from bedbugs are about 1 mm in size. The shape is elliptical, and the colour is whitish.

Look for pinhead-sized, black droppings. They are most visible under your bed, on the bed frame, and on your mattress. They sit closely together, individually, and are circular.


The symptoms can often be mistaken for lice or fleas. However, bites you get during the night will often be concentrated around neck, wrists, groin and ankles. Spraying them with flea repellent will not be sufficient.

Usually, you will be infected by bedbugs from having brought them home with you after travelling. They could also be introduced by overnight guests. Alternatively, they can also crawl into your home via piping and cables between connected flats, often in older properties.

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At Absolut Skadedyrsservice, we are aware of what our customers – both private and business – need in the process of pest control. That’s why we have a quick response time for our interventions.

For suddenly arising pest problems, we provide fast pest control. This is individually arranged and is primarily intended for food companies.

Biology and damages

The bedbug (Cimex lectularius) is a wingless tick that has a proboscis which it uses to extract blood. It can grow to be up to 6 mm long and its body is as thin as paper, unless it is filled with blood.

The regular bedbug is reddish brown and prefers human blood. However, it can also draw blood from other things such as birds, rats, mice and rabbits, if no humans are present. Bedbugs only seek out a source of blood when they are hungry. Thus, it is a bloodsucker that leaves an itchy bite.

Some species of bedbug live off of sap, while others draw blood from birds and other animals. Bedbugs live in the places we sleep and only appear at night. The bedbug shies away from light, and hides in cracks and crevices such as under the bed and along skirting boards during the daytime. Here, they digest their food, breed and lay eggs. When it gets dark, they hunt down their prey, which they find by searching for heat.

Egg, 1 mm
Nymph, 1st stage, 1.5 mm
Nymph, 2nd stage, 2 mm
Nymph, 3rd stage, 2.5 mm
Nymph 4th stage, 3.5 mm
Nymph, 5th stage, 4.5 mm
Adult bedbug, 5.5 mm, lays up to 5 eggs per day.

The female bedbug lays around 200 eggs in its lifetime, distributed over 4-5 eggs per day. The eggs are laid in suitable hiding places where the base is sufficiently sticky to allow the eggs to adhere to the surface. If the temperature drops to below 10°C, no eggs will be laid. Thus, the number of eggs laid depends a lot on the temperature and other outer conditions.

An egg measures about 1 mm and it evolves via five nymph stages. The nymphs basically resemble small adult bedbugs. In order to evolve, the tick needs blood at every single stage, and it can take between two months to a whole year to evolve from egg to fully grown bedbug.

We can help you get rid of bedbugs.
Every weekday: 07:00 - 23:00.

How to know if you have bedbugs

It can be difficult to detect a new infestation of bedbugs, as the lice hide inside crevices and cracks, for example underneath the bed. However, if you have had bedbugs for a longer period, you might be able to spot small black dots on the woodwork under your bed.

Bedbugs live near beds and places where we spend a lot of time – so if you suspect a bedbug infestation, it is important to examine mattresses and beds thoroughly.

You also need to control the back of cupboards, photos and other hiding places such as loose wallpaper, or in cracks as well as along skirting boards and lists.

You´ll know if you have bedbugs, as they leave behind distinct, black, blood-filled droppings. If you find small black dots, try wetting the tip of your finger with a bit of saliva, and drag it across the dots. If it turns into a black line, you definitely have bedbugs.

They don´t care what your social status is

The bedbug was previously regarded as a pest that only infested the poor and those of a lower social status in society, or those who had poor personal hygiene. However, this is not correct. Bedbugs don´t care about the level of cleanliness and you cannot get rid of the problem just by cleaning.
We can help you get rid of bedbugs.
Every weekday: 07:00 - 23:00.

In Denmark, there are two known species that draw human blood: The regular bedbug (Cimex lectularius) and the tropical bedbug (Cimex hemioterus).

As seen in the photo, bedbugs leave distinct droppings near bed frame joints.

Bedbugs often hide in cracks in floors, walls and ceilings, but they can also hide in furniture and cupboards. If you realise there is an infestation, you must get it under control quickly.

Bedbugs migrate through blocks of flats that are poorly insulated, right across storeys, and are typically transmitted through things such as clothes, furniture, bags or other personal belongings that have been exposed.

That´s why it´s so easy to bring them home with you if you have visited someone whose home is infested.

You need to let your guests know if you have bedbugs in your home, as they can be very difficult to get rid of.

If you start treating a bedbug infestation without knowing what you are doing, you risk spreading them further instead of getting rid of them, thus making things even worse.

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Treatment of bedbugs

Get help to get rid of unwanted guests

Bedbugs during the winter

Bedbugs can easily survive through the winter, re-emerging to cause fresh infestations when spring arrives again.

Talk to Danish people returning from holiday and you´ll hear plenty of horror stories about entire families being affected by bedbugs. You should be particularly careful in the autumn, when more activities take place indoors. Many people from Denmark enjoy travelling abroad, but that´s when you catch bedbugs. You can avoid bringing them back home to Denmark, by following a few simple pieces of advice.

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Facts about bedbugs


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